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Trinity Sunalee is a 20-year-old student living in sunny San Diego who grew up as a kid that never liked to read. She would take over a month to finish reading a book with under 200 pages, and she was terrible at writing anything for school (especially essays). Yet, everything changed one day when Trinity discovered an app that changed her life forever. It was then, that she developed a new passion for reading and writing at the age of 15. Her favorite genres to read and write are YA, Action, and Romance. She has written poems, long, and short stories. Trinity wrote her first story, “The Fight For Love” in only 3 1/2 months and posted it to Wattpad, an online writing platform and app with over 60 million monthly users. 

          During the middle of 2016, a few months after she first posted “The Fight For Love,” it began to rise in the ranks and was also listed under Wattpad’s “Most Shared Stories,” a reading list where Wattpad features only a few books that everyone’s been talking about. “The Fight For Love” has been ranked #1 in Action, Teen Fiction, and New Adult on Wattpad a numerous amount of times and now has over 27 million reads. In about three years, she has accumulated over 88 thousand followers on the writing platform. Trinity also won the 2016 and 2017 Fiction Awards (the second biggest awards on Wattpad, behind The Wattys) for Best Action Story on both “The Fight For Love” and its sequel's spinoff, “The Fight For Survival” which is an ongoing story with over 1 million reads that she is currently working on completing. Wanting to expand her reach, Trinity put her stories on another writing platform called Inkitt where she won an award for her short story, “Bitter Love”.

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