Raising money for charity is something I've always wanted to do and recently, I have found a website/company that will allow me to do just that!


All of my readers live around the world in many different countries and so many of them have asked me if there is a way to get merchandise for my stories, but unfortunately, there wasn't due to unavailable international shipping... Until now!


The merchandise will ship to the USA & OVER 150 INTERNATIONAL COUNTRIES around the world! Unfortunately though, it still isn't available in all countries (worldwide)...

Brand new merchandise is in the works of being made and this time, it is available in so many places around the world! 


I've made the pricing as inexpensive as the company/website I use allows me to so that it can be more affordable for you guys.


ALL of the proceeds that I would make from the items you buy are 100% being donated to charity!


Since I made the pricing as inexpensive as I could, I make between 50¢ - $2 USD for each item you buy while the company takes the rest for their share of the profits.


**I do not personally donate the money to the charity, the company that I use to make the merchandise is the one that automatically sends all proceeds from your purchase to the charity that I chose as soon as you checkout.**




The charity that I chose to give the proceeds to is called TOGETHER WE RISE because it is very close to my heart.


TOGETHER WE RISE is a non-profit organization that helps improve the lives of children in foster care.


You can check out their website at

Many of my family members had grown up in the foster system since they were kids and know the hardships of it.


They've told me so many stories about their time in foster homes and I've always wanted to be able to help people who are going through the same things that they had to.


With your help, we can give back to the community and donate 50¢ - $2 USD to help foster kids. I know that the amount we give to charity for each item bought isn't very much, but this is just my small way of trying to give back.




Thank you guys so much for all of your support, it truly means the world to me.​


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