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A Radish Exclusive Story
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"She was the girl who had no problems... She was the girl who was always laughing and the girl who could make anyone smile..."


"But, she was also the girl who was slowly breaking... She was the girl who was drowning in her own mind... The girl who kept it bottled inside..."


* * *


Meet Kathryn Primavera. She's broken, but you wouldn't know. I mean.. Who would expect the schools "it" girl to be broken when there's always a smile on her face.


She has a perfect life, well to everyone else she does.. Her brother is the football team captain, she's head cheerleader.. Her parents are rich and she's spoiled, not to forget that she's also top of her class with Ivy League scholarships. 


Nobody would ever expect that the girl who seems to have it all, is also the girl who is slowly breaking.. She wears her fake smile all the time thinking that nobody can see through her, but what happens when the schools most notorious bad boy, Tyler King, her brothers best friend can.


Unlike her brother Vincent who is a complete ladies man, he stays to himself and his closest friends... He fights for what he believes in and for what he wants.. And he plans on fighting his way into Kathryn's life with hope of saving her from drowning in her own thoughts..


Will Tyler be able to save her with secrets of his own? Will Kathryn be able to push him away and keep everything bottled up? Or will she let him break down her walls and save her from drowning? She doesn't think she could ever find love, but things are changing and with a certain bad boy in her life.. You never know, she might just find it...



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