He was addicted. 

She was his drug. 


He didn't listen to all the warnings. He knew she was trouble, but he didn't leave her alone. He knew she would break him, but he didn't care. He wouldn't let anyone get close enough to hurt him until she came along. He wanted her. And he didn't care if she broke him.


Sabrina (Brina) Sanz. She is a badass. She loves causing trouble wherever she goes. She is a heartbreaker. She doesn't believe in love since everyone close to her has left. When she meets Nate, she thinks he's just another player for her to break... What she wasn't expecting was for him to  be more like her than anyone before.


Nathaniel (Nate) Bennett. He's the most popular boy at school. Every girl wants him and every guy wants to be him. He's never had a girlfriend because he has trust issues, but surprisingly he doesn't do one night stands either. There's never been anyone who could get close to him or his heart. He thought that he would have his heart protected forever, but one look at Sabrina and he fell to his knees.


They are two broken people, but will they destroy or fix each other?






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