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Being Rewritten

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One day on a blood moon a female wolf shall be born. This wolf will be the first of her kind. 


She will have the power to make all wolves submit. This wolf could change the color of her eyes at any given time and she will have powers like no other. 


Her first shift will be on her third birthday and her powers will begin on her tenth.


She will be able to control all of the elements. Some powers are unknown and only she can find them.


This wolf will have the speed of the fastest vampire and be stronger than the alpha King.


The white wolf can hide her scent and deceive you, but she might actually be living amongst you.


Her body heals ten times faster than any wolf.


She shall have four mates. The strongest werewolf, the strongest vampire, the strongest warlock, and the first hybrid.. But she may only choose one.


There is a darkness living amongst us that is growing stronger. She is the only one that can stop it.


She is the savior of our kind. 


She is The White Luna.


* * *


Rosalyn Pierce. She's 17 and the human omega for the Copper stone pack. The whole pack abuses her daily because she is a weak excuse of a human. Well, at least that's what everyone thinks. The thing is, she has a secret that nobody knows..


Will her secrets get exposed? Will people find out that she's not actually a human? Will people find out that she's way stronger than they think?



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