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We are in the year 2120.

Twenty years ago the world was taken over by werewolves during a solar eclipse.

And twenty years ago when the eclipse was at its highest peak, I was born.

✶ ━━━━━ ✶ ━━━━━ ✶ ━━━━━ ✶ ━━━━━ ✶

Andronika Davidson was born in the middle of a war between men and werewolves. Andronika has never known of who her father is or why she was born with a mark of a wolf howling at a solar eclipse that she must keep hidden at all times.

She was raised to be a hunter and she was the best, until her 20th birthday when everything began to change and the very creatures she hunted turned out to be her own kind.



Werewolves have taken over the world and live amongst the humans but they're deadly, ruthless killers. It has been known that the first born child of the Alpha King would be the end of their rule.

Luckily for the wolves, the king has never had a child in fear of losing all he has built. Although, he had already chosen who would be the next ruler when a baby boy was left at the border of his kingdom in a basket the year they took over the world. No note, no family, the queen begged to take him in and the king finally found a worthy successor as he felt the power the baby had.

But what he and the rest of the wolves don't know is that the king also shares a child with a hunter who is not his mate.

And when the time comes, that child will be the one to take everything... Including the heart of his new successor.



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