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Hey guys

I'm sorry that I've got some unfortunate news for you all.

"The Fight For Survival" is going to be put ON HOLD.

I've been writing this book now for almost 2 years and yet, it still is not close to being done. I have very little inspiration left for this story and that makes me sad because I want to write it for you guys so badly.

But I physically can't, no matter how much I try.

NO! This does not mean that TFFS is being discontinued, because it will be continued soon!

I plan to continue trying to write it off of Wattpad until I think that it's finally ready.

Every time I update and then make you guys wait months for the next one, I feel so bad. So, I think it would be better if I write and maybe even complete TFFS off of Wattpad before I continue to update.

If I do that, once TFFS is done, it will be able to have scheduled updates and you won't have to worry if the next chapter is coming out in a few weeks or a few months...

What would you guys rather? Updates every few months? Or wait a little while and then get frequent updates a week when it's done?

I truly am so very sorry for how long it is taking me to write and complete this story.

And if you haven't already read my important authors note on TFFL about why I have been so inactive lately, then please go check it out for more reasoning as to why I must do this...

While "The Fight For Survival" is on hold, I will be posting sneak peeks on my Instagram of new chapters that I write for it. You can find me @ trinitystories_xo on Instagram.


Thank you guys for all of your support.

I hope you all can understand.

With lots of love & hugs, Trinity Sunalee

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